Who Are The Nine

ornament1 1Best Pic of The NineThe Nine each made the individual choice to be obedient to the Lord’s calling and leave his or her Hutterite colony. Glenda, Jason, and Titus left a colony in North Dakota. Cindy, Rodney, Junia, Karen, Darlene, and Sheryl left a colony in Manitoba, Canada. They were between the ages of 17 and 25 when they left the socialistic, communal Hutterite society. Through biblical discipleship their lives were forever changed as they were established in foundational truths, businesses, and relationships with others. After five years they began to write their personal story in their first book, “Hutterites” Our Story To Freedom. With their second book, Since We Told The Truth, The Nine are committed to shining the light of truth to help others as they go beyond their past lives as Hutterites, to bring a national perspective to and raise awareness of truths that offer an accurate solution to those challenges currently shaping our social and political landscape.

To reach people with their message of hope, The Nine have completed multiple book tours with many television, radio, and newspaper interviews. The Nine are boldly speaking out to bring direction for those who desire the truth. With their home studio they are producing Television and Radio programming. Their video teachings can be found on www.wdjsproductions.com.

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The Nine Bio’s

Sheryl Before and After PicturesSheryl Waldner

Sheryl left the colony in 2006 at the age of 17. Born in Canada, she currently resides there and operates a prosperous business with her older brother Rodney. She has a passion for waterskiing and has attended a water ski school in Florida. Sheryl loves photography and is moved by God’s creation. She also enjoys cooking, swimming, and is learning to play the pan flute and read music. Sheryl has a great love and compassion for people and the business gives her an open door to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all those who will hear. She is active in a praise and worship flag ministry.

Karen Before and After PicturesKaren Waldner

Karen was born in Manitoba, Canada. She grew up under the Hutterite culture until 2006 when she left at the age of 20. Her parents were forced to leave the colony for taking a stand for Christian, biblical beliefs. Currently, all her family has left the colony. Karen is now happily married to Jason Waldner and is enjoying a peaceful home-life in the United States. She enjoys calligraphy, arts and crafts, waterskiing, travel, and occasionally working with her husband in carpentry. Karen is a team leader in a choreographed dance praise and worship group.

Rodney Before and After PicturesRodney Waldner

Rodney enjoys mechanical work on cars, trucks, and working on his own competition water ski boat. He enjoys slalom and trick skiing, and is a skilled boat driver. Rodney enjoys music, and loves to play the drums. Rodney left the colony life in deep depression and couldn’t find help after attending various ministries and Bible schools. He discovered a ministry in the United States and to God be all the glory he is now fully delivered and serving the Lord Jesus Christ with joy and freedom. He operates a business with his sister Sheryl in Canada.

Titus Before and After PicturesTitus Waldner

Titus is adventurous and loves the outdoors, animals, and camping. He’s a happy person who brings joy to those around him. Titus is married to his sweetheart, Darlene. Titus is a partner and overseer in a construction business endeavor. He’s skilled at interior finish work, drywall and painting, as well as horticulture. Titus is creative in such things as drawing, choreographed praise and worship dance, and playing the harmonica. He is learning to pilot a single engine aircraft. Titus left a colony in North Dakota at the age of 18, a few months after his brother Jason.

Glenda Before and After PicturesGlenda Maendel

Glenda was born in North Dakota and lived in a Hutterite Colony for 25 years until she left in 2006. She is the only one in her family that has left the Hutterite colony. Her parents were born and raised as Hutterites and Glenda was also a baptized member of the Hutterite Church. She left the colony to learn to hear God’s voice and follow Jesus Christ. While being discipled Glenda experienced great joy, freedom, and welcome changes despite much opposition from her family. To the glory of God, she persevered and now walks in the blessings of the Lord. Glenda’s marriage brings great joy to her life and she enjoys ministering together with her husband who is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is a secretary and bookkeeper for a construction company and deeply involved as an administrator in the ministry.

Cindy Before and After PicturesCindy Waldner

Cindy is friendly, diligent, and outgoing. She loves to play the piano and listen to classical music. She is a talented seamstress: she designs and sews flags and dance clothing for a Christian dance troupe. Her prayer life in ministry is a vital part of her walk with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Cindy is observant and sensitive with a heart to serve the needs of others. She is an older sister to Junia and Karen who are all now citizens of the United States.

Darlene Before and After PicturesDarlene Waldner

Darlene is fun to have around and has a good sense of humor. Darlene has a passion for music and dance. She loves to praise and worship the Lord in dance and is currently taking singing lessons. The music artist that most influenced Darlene to pursue an interest in singing was Barbra Streisand. Darlene has a tender, loving relationship with Father God, and is fully dependent and trusting in Him. She has a keen insight when she prays in communication with God and boldly declares what the Father speaks to her. She left a Hutterite colony in Manitoba, Canada in 2006. Then in 2008, she married Titus and is now a citizen of the United States. She enjoys married life and is a co-owner in a family business. While in the colony, Darlene suffered for several years from a debilitating eating disorder called anorexia nervosa. She found complete deliverance through the power of God in the name of Jesus Christ. She has been built up in Christian discipleship and is trained to help others overcome similar situations.

Junia Before and After PicturesJunia Waldner

Junia was born in Manitoba, Canada and is now a citizen of the United States. She is gifted with a green thumb and has a passion for all types of gardening. Summer is her favorite season as she loves being outdoors and delights in watching trees, flowers, and vegetables grow to maturity. Her smile is contagious and she brings happiness to those around her. Junia’s calling in obedience to God leads her to pray and wait upon the Lord at the Throne of Grace. She is patient, spiritually sensitive, and accurate in delivering God’s Word to the weary and those who need encouragement. Attending several symphonies and listening to the brass instruments inspired her to learn to play the trumpet to the glory of God.

Jason Before and After PicturesJason Waldner

At age 22 Jason left a Hutterite colony in North Dakota. His dad is a well-known Hutterite German schoolteacher. Jason was religiously dedicated to the Hutterite rules and culture. Through circumstances God began opening Jason’s eyes to see how the system was corrupt and failing. Disillusioned, Jason left the colony in October 2006 for a place where he learned how to follow Jesus, and God brought deliverance from the religious oppression and legalism through discipleship. Jason is now married to the love of his life, Karen. He is a partner in a successful construction company and excels in computer design. He enjoys physical activities such as waterskiing and snow skiing.